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Bloor & Jarvis

Bloor & Jarvis
View down Mount Pleasant Road towards Bloor Street.

At Jarvis Street, just south of Bloor Street, is a prominent building considered by many to be one of the ugliest in the city. With its red granite exterior and ugly green trim, and an imposing "Rogers" sign on top, I wouldn't argue with that assessment.

Bloor & Jarvis
View down Jarvis Street south of Bloor.

When driving down Jarvis Street, note the "suicide lane" down the middle. Depending on the time of day, the middle lane switches direction. Pay attention to the signals above the lane.

Bloor & Jarvis
Huntley Street.

In the 1890's, Huntley Street was sometimes called "Governor's Walk". It was believed that this street was used by Lieutenant-Governor John Simcoe when he walked to his home at Castle Frank.

Bloor & Jarvis
Mount Pleasant Road, before it joins up with Jarvis Street.

Many students in Ontario learned computer programming using a programming language called Turing, developed by Ric Holt of the University of Toronto. The language was named after a prominent mathematician of the mid-20th Century, and pioneer in the early development of computation theory. However, the students working on the development of the Turing compiler didn't much care for the name. Instead, many of them informally referred to the language as "Jarvis", after this street.

Bloor & Jarvis
A financial institution on Bloor Street East.