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Bloor & Spadina

Bloor & Spadina

In the early 1970's, the Spadina Expressway was cancelled. If completed in its entirety, it would have dumped a heck of a lot of traffic onto Spadina Road. The one part of the project that was completed was a subway line stretching north into Downsview. At Bloor Street, the line veers east, and then turns south again at Queen's Park. However, it would have made much more sense to extend the subway south along Spadina Avenue.

(It should be noted that the street north of Bloor Street is Spadina Road. South of Bloor, it's called Spadina Avenue.)

Bloor & Spadina

For years, the road conditions along Spadina Avenue languished. But when the streetcar line was upgraded, the entire street from Bloor south to Queen's Quay received a much needed facelift.

At the northern end of the new streetcar line, at Bloor and Spadina, a new underground streetcar terminal was built as part of the Spadina subway station. A block to the south, the streetcar tracks dive under the street.

Bloor & Spadina
Streetcar emerging from below.