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Danforth & Woodbine Danforth & Main Danforth
Gerrard & Woodbine Beach View Crescent  
Norway Kingston & Waverley Glen Stewart Park

Beach View Crescent

Beachview Crescent
Beachview Crescent at the top of the toboggan hill.

After taking pictures along Kingston Road, Woodbine, and Gerrard, I turned down Beachview Crescent to return to my car. But I couldn't put away my camera yet. I found a pleasant street with lots of attractive houses overlooking a popular toboggan hill.

Beachview Crescent
Toboggan hill.

On January 23, 1907, city council votes (15 to 8) to outlaw toboganning in city parks on Sundays.

Beachview Crescent
Homes on Beachview Crescent.

Beachview Crescent
Beachview Crescent at Brookside Drive.

Beachview Crescent
Homes on Glenmount Park Road.