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Corsa Italia

Corsa Italia
Flowers outside a shop on St. Clair Avenue West.

Italians were once one of the largest groups of immigrants in the city, settling in various parts of the city, including Little Italy and the Kensington Market. Over the years, Italians have been gradually moving to the north-east. These days, the town of Woodbridge is a popular suburban destination for Italians wanting more impressive homes.

Corsa Italia
St. Clare's Church (Roman Catholic).

Italians are still very prominent in this part of the city. It's not unusual to hear people speak Italian here, or to hear Italian songs played on the radio.

Corsa Italia
Oakwood Collegiate Intitute.

Corsa Italia
Looking for deals on St. Clair Avenue.

Corsa Italia
Homes on Lansdowne Avenue at St. Clair.