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Eglinton & Laird

Eglinton & Laird
View eastward along Eglinton Avenue at Laird Drive.

On the north side of Eglinton Avenue at Laird is a strip of older retail stores. Along the south side is a bunch of new big-box retailers that replaced a number of factories and light industries.

Eglinton & Laird
North-west corner of Eglinton and Laird.

TTC bus service to the Eglinton subway station is very frequent. A number of routes coming in from points east converge along Eglinton.

Eglinton & Laird
Heavy east-bound morning traffic on Eglinton Avenue.

On August 26, 1957, the stretch of Eglinton Avenue from Laird Drive to Victoria Park Avenue was opened.

Eglinton & Laird
Out of service buses along Eglinton Avenue.