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Dufferin Street Oakwood

Eglinton & Oakwood

Eglinton & Oakwood
Car wash at Alameda Avenue and Eglinton Avenue West.

West of the Allan Road, Eglinton Avenue West takes on various characters. Traditionally a largely Italian neighborhood, other cultures, such as Caribbean and Chinese, are also making inroads.

Eglinton & Oakwood
Traffic on Eglinton Avenue West.

I took a walk along Eglinton Avenue West, west of the Allan Road, on a dreary overcast day in April. The weather forecast for the day was sun. But the sun didn't appear until later in the day. In color, these photos were rather boring. Desaturating the photos makes them a bit more interesting, in my opinion.

Eglinton & Oakwood
Corner Stores on Eglinton Avenue West at Times Road.

Eglinton & Oakwood
Discount store on Eglinton Avenue West.

Eglinton & Oakwood
A food market on Eglinton Avenue West.