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The Fashion District

Fashion District
View up Spadina Avenue at King Street West towards the Balfour Building (1930).

This area was once home to dozens of garment factories. Today, few garment manufacturers remain. However, the past was the inspiration for the nick-name of the area. Many of the old buildings remain and have been renovated for use by high-tech comapnies, art galleries, and other office space.

Fashion District
View down Spadina Avenue at Adelaide Street. The Tower Building (1928) dominates the west side of Spadina.

On opposite sides of Spadina Avenue at Adelaide Street West are two impressive high-rise buildings, both built by architect Benjamin Brown. The 10 storey Tower Building on the west side was completed in 1928. The 12 storey Balfour Building on the east side, built in 1930, was intended to be the Tower Building's twin.

Fashion District
South side of King Street West, west of Spadina.

This is the area where I now work. I hated commuting to my previous job in Markham. But here, I can avoid the stresses of commuting by taking the GO Train downtown, and walking for 20 minutes to my office. I work in a renovated old brick building built in the early 20th Century. This is a building with character. The uneven wooden floors creak as you walk on them, and all interior pipes and heating ducts are exposed. During my lunch hour, I enjoy eating lunch in the park and exploring the streets of the Fashion District.

Fashion District
A quiet laneway off the south side of King Street West, west of Spadina.

Fashion District
Streetcars on Charlotte Street waiting for the north-bound trip up Spadina Avenue.