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Gooderham and Worts

Gooderhams and Worts
Trinity Street in the old Gooderham and Worts complex.

The Gooderham and Worts complex is one of the oldest industrial sites in the city of Toronto, and was used until recently as a distillery. Today, the site is being redeveloped, with many buildings now open. Most house art galleries and cafes. Today, the area is commonly known as the Distillery Historic District.

Gooderhams and Worts
Closeup of the Gooderham and Worts sign on the Stone Distillery building.

The limestone in the Stone Distillery building was quarried in Kingston (the "Limestone City"), 250km to the east of Toronto.

Gooderhams and Worts
Case Goods Lane.

Gooderhams and Worts
Distillery Lane, looking towards the Cooperage.