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The Entertainment District

Roy Thompson Hall
Roy Thompson Hall on a warm day in April.

Toronto has some of the best live theater in the world. On King Street West, west of University, you can find the Royal Alexandra Theater, the Princess of Wales Theater, and Roy Thompson Hall (shown above). Roy Thompson Hall is not quite the architectural gem that was intended by the Architect. The builders did not want to follow the architects plans to the letter, and instead put an ugly flashing around each pane of glass.

Princess of Wales Theater
Princess of Wales Theater.

The Princess of Wales Theater was designed specifically to stage Miss Saigon. The stage was built wide and deep enough for the helicopter in the scene where the American soldiers leave Saigon. Since then, it has also hosted such major productions as the major tear jerker Les Miserables and The Lion King.

Royal Alexandra Theater
Royal Alexandra Theater.

Along King Street near the Royal Alex, and along Simcoe Street Beside Roy Thompson Hall, you can find Canada's "Walk of Fame". Plaques, which include stylized maple leaves, are awarded to Canadians who make a significant contribution to the world of entertainment. Unlike the similar honor granted to stars in Hollywood, the honorees here do not have to pay for their star.

Royal Alexandra Theater
Walk of Fame.

In the News

NewspaperMarch 8, 2005: The following Canadians are to be honored with stars on the Walk of Fame: Paul Anka, George Chuvalo, Michael Cohl, Pierre Cossette, Rex Harrington, Daniel Lanois, Alanis Morissette, Kiefer Sutherland, and Fay Wray.