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Bloor & Sherbourne St. Jamestown Castle Frank
Allan Gardens Cabbagetown Necropolis
Moss Park Parliament Square (via TTC) Eastern & Bayview


Carlton and Parliament

At the turn of the century, this area was home to many immigrants who grew vegetables in their small front yards. This gave the area its name!

Ben Wick's pub in Cabbagetown

Today, Cabbagetown is home to several small theater and dance groups, as well as Ben Wicks' pub. Sadly, Ben is no longer with us. Ben Wicks was a popular writer and cartoonist who lived in this neighborhood. This mural depicts one of his favorite subjects: Pierre Trudeau.

Cottages in Cabbagetown

In contrast with the small homes in this neighborhood, to the north you can find an area of tall apartment buildings with the highest population density in the city.