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Queen & Broadview

Queen and Broadview
View towards the intersection of Queen Street East and Broadview Avenue.

Along Queen Street East at Broadview, you can find a wonderful collection of old buildings. Unfortunately, some are home to some rather less than respectable entertainment establishments.

Queen and Broadview
Formerly a post office, now Town Hall and Cultural Centre.

True baseball fans know that the history of baseball extends for many decades before the Blue Jays. In fact, Babe Ruth's hit his first home run as a professional minor leaguer in Toronto (September 5, 1914).

Some maps of Toronto still show a small dead-end street called "Baseball Place" a block west of Broadview. Today however, there's just a parking lot. But at one time, this street led to the first baseball field in Toronto, built in 1885.

Queen and Broadview
Former bank building on Queen Street East.

Queen and Broadview
Queen Street East and Boulton Avenue.

Queen and Broadview
Queen Street East at Broadview Avenue.