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Queens Quay West Harbour Square
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Queens Quay West

Queens Quay West
View east along Queens Quay West east of Lower Spadina.

Queens Quay West has become a "condo jungle", with more and more condominium towers cropping up all the time. At first, people were up in arms that the towers were blocking the view of the harbor. But now, the towers are also blocking the view of downtown from the waterfront! Compare the following photos to see how much has changed in the past ten years.

Toronto skyline
View of downtown skyline from Simcoe Street Slip in 1993.

Queens Quay West
View of downtown skyline from Simcoe Street Slip in 2003.

If you go to Queens Quay West looking for the antique market, you won't find it here. The market is now on King Street West beside the Princess of Wales theater.

Queens Quay Terminal
Queens Quay Terminal.