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Ryerson Polytechnical Institute University at Gould Street.

The Toronto Normal School was established in 1847 by the Reverend Eggerton Ryerson as a school for the training of elementary school teachers. At the time, Ryerson was Chief Superintendent of Schools for Canada West. In 1941, the school moved to a different site, and in 1953 was renamed the Toronto Teachers College. A new post-secondary institution was built on this site.

Arch within the Ryerson quad.

Ryerson has undergone several name changes over its history. In 1948, it was the Ryerson Institute of Technology, named after Eggerton Ryerson, established primarily to retrain soldiers returning from the war in Europe. In 1964, the name changed to Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. It gradually developed more and more degree programs, and so in 1993 it adopted the name Ryerson Polytechnic University. Finally, in 2001, the name changed yet again to simply Ryerson University.

Another name that's been used to describe the school is "Rye High". Some people think it's an affectionate moniker. But it's also commonly used in a critical manner by disaffected Ryerson students, especially when the school is compared to other post-secondary institutions in the province. For example, of all Ontario universities, Ryerson has the lowest proportion of professors with PhD's.

Ryerson Bookstore at Gould and Victoria Street.

Is Ryerson haunted? Some people think the Ryerson Theatre School Building on Gerrard street is. People have often seen, heard, and felt strange things in the building. For example, strange sounds have been heard from one particular locked attic. And the sound of a piano have been heard even though there was no one else in the building. Some have quit jobs and some have vowed never to return to the building after strange experiences.