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St. Clair & Bathurst

St. Clair & Bathurst
Bank building at the corner of St. Clair Avenue West and Bathurst Street.

When St. Clair Avenue West was first planned, it was made wide enough to allow the streetcars their own right-of-way. But since then, streetcars have had to share the street with other traffic. Giving the streetcars dedicated lanes worked very well on Spadina Avenue, and so the city would like to give streetcars the same advantage on St. Clair Avenue.

St. Clair & Bathurst
Strolling along St. Clair Avenue West.

However, as could be expected, local merchants do not like the planned changes. Unconvinced by the positive example of Spadina Avenue, they argue that a streetcar right-of-way would unnecessarily impede motor vehicle traffic. But this narrow viewpoint ignores the potentially large number of cars that could be taken off the street with improved public transit. This also ignores the possibilities of increased pedestrian traffic brought to the neighborhood by improvements to the streetcar line.

St. Clair & Bathurst
Statue on the grounds of St. Michael's College.

St. Clair & Bathurst
Vaughn Road veers off from Bathurst a block south of St. Clair.

St. Clair & Bathurst
Stores along St. Clair Avenue West.