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Sunnybrook Park

Sunnybrook Park
A roadway through Sunnybrook Park.

According to plaques at some of the main entrances, Sunnybrook Park was dedicated to the City of Toronto in 1928 in memory of Joseph Kilgour, "a great lover of nature". The park was developed by the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto in 1968.

Sunnybrook Park
Central Don Stables.

While I was walking through the park, I passed someone practicing "Stairway to Heaven" on the guitar.

Sunnybrook Park
Cavorting horses. At back, an indoor dressage ring.

The Toronto Police moved their horses from here to a stable on the Exhibition grounds. I was told that when they left their old stables, someone left the water running. The result was at least $375,000 in damages to the old building! It would be a major shame if the building was not restored to its former glory.

Sunnybrook Park
Picnic grounds.

Sunnybrook Park
Road leading to Sunnybrook Hospital.