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Danforth and Chester
The Danforth and Pape area is dominated by the Holy Name Catholic Church.

Of all the ethnic neighborhoods in Toronto, Greektown is perhaps the most demonstrative of its native culture. It's also a very active area, normally with lots of people bustling about. It's an area where everyone seems to know everyone else by name.

Danforth and Pape
The banners are out for the upcoming street festival.

One big event on the street is the "Taste of the Danforth" festival, held on the second weekend in August. The street is closed for this weekend, which makes it easier to sample the food offered by the numerous superb Greek restaurants in the area.

Danforth and Pape
Pape Avenue at Danforth, looking north.

Danforth and Pape
Walking along the Danforth.