Toronto – Moose in the City

The year 2000 saw an invasion of hundreds of decorated moose sculptures all over the city. The sculpture show of moose was inspired by Chicago’s “Cows on Parade”. Other cities also got in on the fun, such as Seattle (with its “Pigs on Parade”) and Cincinatti (the “Big Pig Gig”).

Although all started out with antlers, they proved to be popular among souvenir seekers, and after a few weeks, most antlers went missing. When the city offered a reward for the return of the antlers, that only made the problem worse!

Toronto - Moose in the City

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Press Moose
At the Press Building on the exhibition grounds.
At Yonge and Bloor
In front of the Bay store at Yonge and Bloor.
Wedding Moose
Bride and groom moose, along Bloor Street West.
Moose Mel
A pair of moose that bear a strong resemblance to the mayor of Toronto and his wife.
Moose and Cops
Mounted police officers giving conflicting advice to tourists near a moose at old city hall, Queen and Bay.
Chinatown Moose
Moose in Chinatown, Dundas Street West.
Moose and Squirrel
Moose and Squirrel, at Bloor and Bay.
Outdoor Moose
Outdoor Moose, along Bloor Street West.
Jewelled Moose
Jewelled Moose, along Bloor Street West.
Shark Moose
Shark swimming in the pool at Nathan Phillips Square.
Moose Diver
Moose preparing to dive into the pool at Nathan Phillips Square.
Moose with Traffic Signs
Moose in the middle of traffic at Front and University.
City scene
Moose with city scene, King Street West.
Colorful Moose
A colorful moose, Queen Street West.
Herd of moose
A herd of moose at Nathan Phillips Square.
Musical Moose
Moose with piano keyboard on back, Queen Street West.
Eye Bee Em Moose
Big Blue Moose, at Bay and King.
At King and Bay
Tourists preparing for a group photo in front of a couple of moose at King and Bay.