Toronto Trains

Steam Locomotive “Toronto”.

On May 16, 1853, the first scheduled train service from Toronto began. A train with three passenger coaches and one freight car pulled by a locomotive named “Toronto” left for Aurora (then known as Machell’s Corners) on the Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railway. Three years later, the Grand Trunk Railway was extended into Toronto.

Lady Elgin
Steam Locomotive “Lady Elgin”.

Here are some various photos of trains in Toronto. For photos of GO trains, visit GO Transit Album.

Trains in Toronto

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Old St. Clair Avenue station
Old St. Clair Avenue station, September, 1982.
Signal tower at Toronto Junction
Signal tower at Toronto Junction, October, 1980.
VIA Turbo
VIA Turbo Train. November, 1980.
CN Spadina Yard
Locomotive at Spadina yard. January 1983.
Old roundhouse at Spadina Avenue
Old roundhouse at Spadina Avenue, November, 1980. A less useful building now sits at this site - the Skydome.
CN 6213 - the last steam locomotive to serve Toronto.
CN diesel locomotive #6767, August, 1982.
CN Spadina Yard
Locomotives at Spadina roundhouse. January 1983.
CN freight yard at Danforth
CN freight yard at Danforth and Main, east Toronto, May 1981. Almost all of the sidings and yards along the CN mainline from the Don Valley through Scarborough were removed in the summer of 1999.
Old red rockets on St. Clair Avenue West
Old red rockets on St. Clair Avenue West, September 1982. Although streetcars are still an important element in Toronto's public transit system, only a couple of PCC's remain in the fleet. Recently, two PCC's were restored and are available for excursions.
CN 8182, 8235
Locomotives and trains. November, 1980.
Old cars
An assortment of old passenger and freight cars. early 1980's.