Trilliums and Other Wildflowers

The Trillium – The Floral Emblem of Ontario

Since 1937, the white trillium (Trillium grandiflorum) has been the floral emblem of Ontario. The flower can be found in wooded areas throughout the province in early May. Other candidates for the official flower of Ontario included the dandelion, Scotch thistle, orange lily, and shamrock.

(The white trillium is also one of two official flowers for the state of Ohio, since 1987.)

The name trillium derives from the arrangement of leaves, petals, and sepals, all in groups of three. The trillium is a perennial plant of the Trilliaceae family, sometimes classified as a subfamily of the Lily family.

Trilliums and Other Wildflowers

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Forget-Me-Not Trilliums Purple Trillium
Purple Trillium Harebell Periwinkle
Trilliums Trilliums Jack in the Pulpit
Herb Robert Trout Lilies Trilliums
Trilliums Marsh Marigolds Chicory