Hawk Junction

Hawk Junction Station
Station building

Hawk Junction is the largest station along the Algoma Central Railway between Sault Ste Marie and Hearst. Since Algoma Steel stopped using iron ore mined from Wawa in 1997, traffic has diminished somewhat.

Big Bear Hotel
Big Bear Hotel

Today, there is still much passenger traffic with people boarding here headed for hunting and fishing lodges further north.

Southbound Train
Southbound train preparing to leave station

Northbound Train
Northbound freight leaving the station

For me, this was my first visit back to the Hawk after almost 40 years. For one year, my family lived here while my dad worked on rebuilding the nearby highway. The primary school, which was torn down years ago, had two classrooms: one for kindergarten to grade four, the other for grade five to eight. I remember snow deep enough to build tunnels through, and walking to and from school across a frozen lake.